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Film & Video Content Production Insurance Applications

We insure a large array of projects.  These include but are not limited to the following:


  • Feature Films
  • Short Films
  • Music Videos
  • Trailers
  • Documentaries
  • Commercials
  • Corporate Videos
  • TV Shows/Pilots
  • Webisodes / Web Series

Unions, such as SAG (Screen Actors Guild) require that producers provide insurance such as general liability and in most cases worker’s compensation, specific to each contract.  Film Emporium now offers options for the following:

  • SAG-Aftra New Media Agreement
  • ULB SAG Agreement/ Ultra Low Budget Agreement
  • MLB SAG Agreement/ Modified Low Budget Agreement
  • LB SAG Agreement/ Low Budget Agreement

Film Emporium offers a myriad of insurance policies for professionals working in the industry or servicing filmmakers in films, movies, web and TV productions in the United States and worldwide.


Let our experienced brokers find you the most competitively priced policies for your low budget one day shoot or for your high budget feature project.  Do you own your own gear, or are you a full fledged rental house?  Enjoy the same professional attention.  Film Emporium has access to all available A-rated insurance markets.  An independent broker with over 25 years of industry experience is standing by to find you the best fitting programs at the most competitive premiums.


We have fitting programs for all budget sizes: big and small, including projects that may have hazardous/stunt activities. These activities are required to be reported to the underwriters for approval and additional premium. A partial list of these activities are: stunts, falls, fight scenes, pyrotechnics, fireworks, airplanes, helicopters, hangliders, hot air balloons, parachutes, boats, water scenes, animals, ATVs, go carts, mopeds, motorcycles, scooters, segways, snowmobiles, weapons, blanks, squibs, precision driving, live gangster rap music, etc.  Click here for more information on hazardous/stunt activities.  

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