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Feature Film, Documentary,

TV Series & Web Insurance



Film Emporium offers feature film production insurance.


Film Emporium offers insurance for movies, shows, and documentaries of any budget, with competitive prices. Is your production either in development or greenlit? No problem.


Shooting in the U.S. or a foreign location? We can help.


Film Emporium will provide the best insurance coverage for you. 

Quotes are complimentary.  No Obligation.


Click here is you have stunts or hazardous activities.


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Feature films, TV shows, documentaries, web projects, and much more. This program is for U.S. shoots, see foreign productions for outside U.S. shoots. The program is available to U.S. based insureds with activities in the U.S. and/or Canada or worldwide.



Available Coverage

  • Owned or rented camera and/or other production equipment
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Auto
  • Workers Compensation
  • Props, sets, wardrobe, pictures and cars
  • Third party property damage (often referred to as location insurance)
  • Extra expense
  • Negative film, videotape and digitalized imagealong with faulty stock, camera and processing
  • Rented Jewelry and furs
  • Worldwide Option for 12 month policies
  • And much more, on an as needed basis

Program Enhancements

Specialty coverage can protect projects that involve risky activities. These activities may include stunts, fights, animals, driving, water scenes, aerial scenes, pyrotechnics, and more. Contact a broker for additional information. A single policy can declare multiple hazardous scenes.


  Cast insurance for your key cast or crewmembers. Coverage options include blanket coverage with sickness (no medicals required), blanket coverage without sickness, and family bereavement. Cast limits available are 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% of gross production cost.


Annual UAV or Unmanned Aerial vehicle Insurance is now available. Are you planning to fly a drone for aerial photography or surveying?


Film Emporium's got you covered! Liability coverage for drones is available in all States except HI and DC. Learn more about UAV coverage.

Cast and Crew Insurance

Cast insurance can be provided as part of a production policy or in certain cases, as “carve out cast coverage” to cover only certain cast or crew members, subject to underwriter’s approval.


Cast coverage is usually purchased on feature films or TV productions (except documentaries) but may be purchased for other types of productions.  It indemnifies the production company for the net loss or extra expenses to begin or complete principal photography of an insured production due to death, injury or illness of any insured artist or director.


Insured persons are initially covered for accident only, until they are examined and complete a medical questionnaire. The insurer then will expand the coverage to include illness.  Coverage also can be extended to include kidnapping and bereavement.


Cast insurance normally begins four weeks before the first camera day; however, additional time can be purchased (Extended Pre-Production Cast Coverage).