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About Us

A Few Words About Us


Film Emporium addresses the unique insurance needs of the entertainment industry, specializing in film productions and special events.  Incorporated in 1995 to assure producers are “On Time and Under Budget” with their projects and special events.  We are happy to provide service to productions in the U.S. and Worldwide. 
Film Emporium has access to all major companies and are experts in matching clients' complex insurance needs with the best rated insurance companies and coverage.  Unrestricted access to all markets benefits a production as our brokers will present more than just one option.  If a cheaper cost premium option is available, you can be assured it will be offered.


With licenses in over 48 states, Film Emporium is ready to quote you!  We regularly support productions from over 100 nations shooting in the US that require short term liability coverage for film permit offices, equipment rentals, etc.

Understanding the complexities and challenges producers are dealing with, our brokers are well versed in last minute and limited budget situations.  Each account is handled by a dedicated licensed insurance broker to assure expert personalized service.  
Film Emporium also offers film stock, video tape, digital media and hard drives to provide one stop shopping. 
Join us today and experience what it means to be “On Time and Under Budget” on your next project! 

How We Work

Our Commitment to You

  1. To provide a high level of transparency and realism in all quotes and estimates for claims, coverage and appraisals.
  2. We strive to provide impartial, unrestricted access to insurance markets, through the capable hands of our licensed insurance brokers, in search of the most competitive premiums.
  3. We strive to maintain adherence to privacy laws and standards and to do our utmost to protect the private and personal information garnered during the consultation process. 
  4. We strive to exhibit honesty and integrity on a continuous basis, in all our dealings, paying no heed and rejecting any gifts or favors in an act of persuasion for preferential treatment.
  5. We strive to handle each account separately without credence to timeframe or budget; Providing individual and personalized service based on project specific needs. 

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