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Film Emporium Cast & Crew Coverage

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Not offered as standalone coverage but as part of a full production insurance policy.


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Click here if you have stunts or hazardous activities.

Cast insurance can be provided either as part of a production policy or as "carve out cast coverage" in certain cases. This insurance is subject to approval from an underwriter. Additionally, cast members may be required to take a medical exam. 


Cast coverage is usually purchased for feature films and TV productions. However, it can also be acquired for other types of productions, except documentaries. The production company is safeguarded from any financial losses or additional costs that may happen.


This can occur if a key cast or director of the project is unable to finish or start filming.


The cause can be death, injury, or illness.


Insured persons are initially covered for accident only, until they are examined and complete a medical questionnaire. The insurer then will expand the coverage to include illness. Coverage also can be extended to include kidnapping and bereavement. Cast Examinations are required by Insurance in order to add select cast to the waivers.

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