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Wedding Insurance

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Click here if you have stunts or hazardous activities.

Wedding Liability insurance is designed to protect you, on this most important of days, against unforeseen incidents. Some examples include: injury to an attendee due to a trip hazard, or injury in an alcohol related accident from an intoxicated driver leaving the reception site. No one wants to think about these unfortunate situations, but Film Emporium can provide peace of mind knowing you are covered. This is also the coverage most often required by rental facilities and metropolitan parks.  


Most of the time, weddings go fairly smoothly. However, when something unexpected does go wrong, it can be frightening how quickly the costs add up. For wedding couples, or their parents, who have lovingly planned every detail and budgeted down to the last penny, even a relatively small loss can feel devastating. While a large loss or liability claim can bring true financial disaster.

A bride and groom holding hands.
  • Sudden Illness

A groom experienced chest pains and went to hospital. A newly diagnosed heart condition forced him to postpone the wedding.

  • Catastrophic Weather

Ten inches of rain fell; State Route 21 was closed. The bridal party members and guests could not get to the reception site.  The band, food, cake, flowers, photos all had to be cancelled.

  • Venue Issues

The wedding venue was originally expected to open in time for the event, but the construction completion date was pushed back and the wedding had to be rescheduled.