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Camera / Lighting Rental House Insurance 

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Policies designed for entities continuously engaged in the business of renting equipment to the entertainment, sports and leisure industries. These companies may provide production equipment such as cameras, lighting, sound, props, sets, wardrobe, trailers and more. They may provide equipment for special events such as props, sets, furnishings, etc. They may also provide various types of equipment to the sporting industry.
The policies are flexible enough to fit the needs of small rental houses, major, national chains and everyone inbetween. In addition, programs are available to cover entities that provide installation and similar activities.
The program is available to U.S. based rental houses with worldwide exposure.

A camera operator shooting a scene.

Available Coverage

  • Owned or rented camera and/or other production equipment
  • Props, sets, wardrobe, pictures and cars
  • Third party property damage (often referred to as location insurance)
  • Extra expense
  • Office Contents
  • Loss of rental income
  • and much, much more on an as needed basis

Program Enhancements:

Catastrophe coverage such as earthquake, wind and flood are available. Basic limits as well as excess limits are available to fit the needs of companies of any size.  Insure your gear only, or select enhanced coverages such as rental house e&o (errors & omissions), or business interruption, to mention only a few.

Commercial General Liability:

Choose the limit that best suits your needs: from basic to excess limit amounts. 

Hired and Non-Owned Automobile:

Auto liability and auto physical damage for your owned and rented vehicles. 

Workers Compensation:

Protecting your crew against medical injuries while on the job.