Movie Studios & Stages




Film Emporium offers studio insurance for post production.


The Studio program is created to help businesses that specialize in providing studio space to the entertainment sector. This studio or stage can be utilized for many different activities in filmmaking and music production. These activities include recording, editing, pre-production, and post-production.


This does not cover actual production.
This program is flexible enough to fit the needs of small to large studios. Catastrophe coverage such as earthquake, wind and flood are available.
Available to studios based in the U.S.

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Available Coverage

  • Owned or rented camera and/or other production equipment
  • Props, sets, wardrobe, pictures and cars
  • Third party property damage (often referred to as location insurance)
  • Extra expense
  • Negative film, videotape and digitalized imagealong with faulty stock, camera and processing
  • Rented Jewelry and furs
  • Worldwide Option for 12 month policies
  • And much more, on an as needed basis

Commercial General Liability

Locations, municipalities, shooting permits all require that commercial general liability coverage is in place.  Minimum required limit is $1M.  Higher limits are available to satisfy any location requirement.

Hired and Non-Owned Automobile

Auto liability and auto physical damage for your rented vehicles, broadcast trucks, etc.