The Lens Depot's

Customer Insurance Protection Plan



Film Emporium offers The Lens Depot's customers insurance.

Film Emporium is pleased to offer The Lens Depot’s Equipment Insurance Protection Plan thru Houston Casualty Insurance Company for rented equipment valued up to $25,000. These policies cover both damage and theft and subject to a deductible of 5% of the loss subject to a minimum of $250 per claim and can be as long as 15 days.


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Policy Terms and Conditions

Film Emporium covers loss or damage to your rented production equipment resulting from the following:

  •  Theft
  •  Fire
  •  Earthquake
  •  Flood
  •  Acts of terrorism
  •  Smoke
  •  Water damage
  •  Falling objects
  •  Equipment in transit
  •  Lightning
  •  Explosion
  •  Windstorm
  •  Hail
  •  Accidental damages (i.e. scratches or dropping equipment)
  •  Policy is an All-Risk Peril Policy subject to the exclusions on the policy


Please note: This is a brief summary of coverage. Refer to the actual policy to familiarize yourself with the terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions.

Policy Exclusions

  1. Any equipment being used on or near a body of water including but not limited to underwater photography
  2. Any equipment attached to an aircraft or other flying device being used in but not limited to aerial photography.
  3. Any equipment attached to an auto being used in but not limited to a car chase, auto stunt or high speed driving over 35 miles per hour.



Please note the aforementioned is merely a summary of coverages as the policy contains all terms and conditions.  Film Emporium stands ready to answer any questions you may have relative to this program.








Policy Premiums

Equipment Value1 - 5 Days6 - 10 Days11 - 15 Days
$1 - $4,999$90$110$120
$5K - $9,999$105$120$135
$10K - $19,999$130$140$155
$20K - $25K$145$160$170

All rates subject to a deductible of 5% of the loss subject to a minimum of $250 and include a $45 broker fee and state taxes.

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