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Event / Film Shoot Cancellation Insurance

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No one likes to think about what would happen if they had to cancel their event.  What happens if the weather causes damage to a venue and it has to be cancelled?  What if someone gets sick?


 It is important to have event cancellation insurance. Even if there is only a slight chance that the event could be cancelled or postponed.  Film Emporium offers event cancellation coverage for single events at affordable rates!

A tornado whipping across the great planes.

Event Cancellation provides coverage for:

  • Weather (advance purchase recommended)
  • Earthquake, Flood, Tsunami
  • Terrorist act resulting in damage to the venue
  • Venues deemed unusable
  • Various other perils

Available Coverage:

  • Event cancellation, postponement, abandonment
  • Adverse weather
  • Named Storms
  • Non-Appearance
  • Door Registration Receipts
  • Personal Property
  • Earth Movement