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Business Owner Policy



Film Emporium offers general business insurance.


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Film Emporium offers cheap rates on quality general insurance policies. This program is designed for professionals from all medical fields, accountants, clerical offices and more. It is also suitable for institutions from media or entertainment, music, movie/TV productions and events.

Rates start as low as $500.00.

The basic types of insurance are available to protect your business: property, liability and workers' compensation. Workers' compensation insurance is required by law in all 50 states. Property and liability insurance may not be required, but it is wise to safeguard your business's assets with it. Investing in these types of insurance is a sensible decision. 


Business owner's policies (BOPs) are insurance packages that provide both property and liability coverage at one affordable premium. Most small and medium-size companies can purchase packaged policies as an alternative to buying separate liability and property insurance policies. This can be a good option for them. 


Large companies and businesses that are considered high risk usually do not meet the criteria for a BOP. The criteria for BOP eligibility includes the size of the premises, the required limits of liability, the type of business and the extent of offsite activity. Premiums for BOPs are based on similar factors, including: business location, financial stability, building construction, security features and fire hazards. 


A Business Owners Policy (BOP) covers property protection for an office building and its contents. It also provides protection for other people's property brought into the office building. BOPs cover standard perils, including fire and theft, although certain exclusions apply, such as damage caused by floods and earthquakes. 



What does a BOP cover?

A Business Owner's Policy (BOP) provides insurance coverage for an office building and its contents. This includes protection for any property belonging to someone else that is brought into the office. BOPs cover standard perils, including fire and theft, although certain exclusions apply, such as damage caused by floods and earthquakes. 


Under a BOP, a business selects the amount of liability coverage it needs based on its assets. Liability coverage pays for the cost of defending the business in a lawsuit and pays damages if the business is sued for injury or property damage. The liability policy also pays the medical expenses of those injured, other than employees, as a result of business operations. 


A BOP provides coverage for both business interruption and replacement costs if an emergency disrupts or destroys the business. Business interruption insurance not only compensates for lost income and the expenses incurred when a company is forced to vacate its premises due to disaster-related damage, but it also covers operating expenses, such as payroll, which continue even when business activities have ceased. Replacement-cost coverage pays to replace damaged or stolen property, equipment and inventory without deducting for depreciation. 


In addition to the basic BOP, businesses may purchase add-on coverage based on the particular risks associated with the company. For example, a dry cleaner might purchase additional coverage for mechanical breakdown, which would cover the machinery the business relies on. A retailer with many employees might have coverage for employee dishonesty. This coverage protects against loss of business property caused by embezzlement, fraud or other criminal acts.