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Advertising Agency Insurance Program

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Film Emporium offers a unique insurance program for ad agencies. We are proud to offer the broadest TV production wrap-up coverage available in the U.S.


This coverage is available for advertising agencies and advertisers. In addition, we handle a multitude of promotional projects. Whether film, digital or print, our policy is far more extensive in scope and more cost-effective than traditional insurance.

Film Emporium wrap-up policies can include:

  • Contingencies beyond the control of the production company that causes the production to be delayed or shut down. Previously, policies were limited to physical damage to props, equipment, or locations


  • Physical and non-physical causes of production delays. An example of a delay is if a shipment of props gets lost in delivery. Replacing them takes four days. Additionally, if there is lightening or high winds, a beach shoot can be cancelled.


  • Essential talent and crew, with or without medicals