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Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

For Movies, Film, TV & Events

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Imagine the overwhelming feeling of freedom and sheer joy that would be felt upon the release of a kidnap victim. Now imagine the terror upon the realization that you are without insurance. Your company or family may have had to pay the large ransom, purchase specialized phone equipment, hire security protection, hire a negotiator, and pay many more expenses, all of which were only made possible by liquidating all assets. In addition to this overwhelming amount of debt, in order to rejoin society the kidnap victim may need extensive psychiatric counseling and rehabilitation.


Kidnap and Ransom Insurance has been developed to reimburse the policy owner for the expenses incurred with a kidnapping.


A policy owner will apply for coverage to protect against a loss caused by a kidnapping or an extortion. The policy owner may apply for benefits up to their personal or corporate net worth. If a claim occurs the policy owner will need to come up with the money to provide the kidnappers and then they will submit a claim to be reimbursed for the expenses.

One of the most beneficial parts of the plan is the unlimited expenses for the Crisis Response Team. The Crisis Response Team has worldwide knowledge about negotiations in each specific location. 

A film camer, slate board, and rolls of film laying on a table.

Example: A production company is shooting a documentary project that takes place in Iraq.  Kidnap and Ransom coverage for the cast & crew being deployed and of course the concern of war and terrorism is very important.  Film Emporium was able to package their needs to include the above coverage as well as insuring their rented equipment, foreign liability, etc. all on a short term, project specific basis.

Benefits Include:

  • Ransom Reimbursement
  • Personal Accident
  • Loss of Ransom during delivery
  • Private Negotiator
  • Public Relations
  • Travel Expenses
  • Psychiatric Expenses
  • Reward Payments
  • Financial Losses


  • Loss of Income
  • Employee Lost Income
  • Asset Protection
  • Security Coverage
  • Specialized Equipment
  • Rehabilitation Benefit
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Child Care