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Attic Studios' Subscribed Renters Insurance Program:

How to Process a Policy:


  1. Attic Studio to send Film Emporium a copy of the rental agreement with the client.
  2. Have the client contact us direct for providing payment for the insurance policy via email or phone call. Let the client know these are non-cancelable policies.
  3. Contact: Amanda Mogro


        Tel: (914) 833-2433 Ext. 101

        Hours: 9am to 6pm EST, latest to process for same day is 5:30pm


Once a policy is purchased a confirmation email will be sent to Attic Studios.

An empty studio space.

The General Liability coverages includes:

Each Occurrence: $1,000,000 / General Aggregate: $2,000,000. Damage to Premises Rented: $300,000, no deductible.


The Rented Equipment coverage includes:

Up to $25,000 in rented equipment. Duration: 1 to 5 days. Claim Deductible: $250.00


Cost: $375.00 total

$125.00 General Liability Premium
$100.00 Rented Equipment (Inland Marine) Premium $150.00 Policy Fee


Please note: This is a brief summary of coverage. Refer to the actual policy to familiarize yourself with the terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions.



See sample policy and specific exclusions below:

Terms and Conditions:

Coverage is restricted to filming activities conducted at Attic Studio location only. This policy is specific to Attic Studios venue and is for renters with LOW RISK events. Any stunts, fight scenes, pyrotechnics, some, open flames, filming done on the roof of the studio, exotic animals or pets other than service animals, along with filming of nudity scenes will make your renter INELIGIBLE for coverage under this program.

Please note the aforementioned is merely a summary of coverages as the policy contains all terms and conditions.  Film Emporium stands ready to answer any questions you may have relative to this program.

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