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Art Collections, Galleries, & Artist Liability

Artists with a large fan base draw the most attendees at their shows. This applies to both established artists and internet celebrities on the rise. An artist or spokesperson's carelessness can cause extra expenses. Losing a key artist can be catastrophic for an operation. 


With Film Emporium's Artist Liability Protection Program it is simple to protect your interests. Protecting your investment from unexpected occurrences is important, no matter what type of show you have. This could be a one-time event, a tour, an annual concert, or a daily web blog. These include an artist’s liability, equipment loss, sudden death or disability or a spokesperson’s damaging actions.


Key Man Insurance:

Provides financial protection if a key artist dies or becomes disabled.  AD&D (accident, death and dismemberment) or disability policies can be selected. 


Shell Corps:

The Shell Corp program is for incorporated individuals in the entertainment industry such as: actors, directors, producers, writers, cameramen, singers, musicians, composers, radio/TV broadcasters, athletes, coaches and trainers.  A wide array of professions are eligible including actors, directors, producers, writers, cameramen, singers, musicians, composers, radio and TV broadcasters, comedians, public speakers and lecturers, athletes, coaches, trainers and more.  Some programs are flexible enough to allow for touring entertainers to endorse their shows onto the policy.


Available coverages include property, general liability including personal liability, workers comp/employers liability, auto and excess liability.

E&O /Errors and Omissions Coverage:

Errors and Omissions coverage provides specialized protection against the effects of lawsuits. These suits may include libel, slander, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, and other specified torts. This coverage is applicable to a wide variety of media risks. There are several different types of policies, based on profession and industry type: producers, publishers, musician’s, etc. 

Blogger’s Liability, Publisher’s E&O:

Publisher’s liability insurance is for a publisher of any size or type: small, large, book, magazine, newspaper, trade, directory, music, greeting cards and calendar, electronic (Internet), print-on-demand, CD ROM, audio book or a freelancer, writer or an author. Publisher’s liability insurance is also referred to as media perils liability insurance, publishers or authors errors and omissions protection. 

Music E&O:

Provides coverage for performers, publishers, producers, songwriters, distributors in the field of music against lawsuits for perils such as copyright infringement, invasion of privacy, etc.