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Insurance can get complicated.  We are here to help.  Have questions? Give us a call or e-mail us. Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you in the meantime.


What is entertainment insurance?

Entertainment insurance policies  are specialty  policies that cater to the needs of entertainment professionals.  We specialize in working with filmmakers, special event producers, vendors who serve entertainers, all aspects of a production including rushes, cast, locations, technical equipment and many other entertainment related risks.  There is the option to insure a project short term or annually.


What kind of productions can be insured?

We can provide production insurance for all kinds of needs, including but not limited to the following:


Short films

Feature films

Corporate videos

Branded content

Promotional videos

Music promos

Still photo shoots


TV shows

TV series


Student films


Who can be insured?

(Including but not limited to)

Film, Television & Commercial Production

Post-Production Facilities

Theater Companies

Theatrical Venues

Editorial Services

Sound/Recording Studios

Multi-Media and Computer Animation

Still Photographers

Equipment, Prop, Stage & Lighting

Cable Networks

Venues & Concert Promoters

Traveling Entertainers/Celebrities

Sports Teams/Players



Magazing Publishers



Radio Personalities

Personal Appearance

Staging & Rigging

Personal Lines

What kind of special events can be insured?

We can provide special event insurance for all kinds of needs,  including but not limited to the following:








Film Screenings










Theatrical Events


I'm making a film, what do I need?

As all film productions are different, we will discuss with you what is best suited for your film. We can create a simple one day policy to insure rented equipment for a test shoot or we can creat a policy for a high budget feature production. Our film and media insurance packages can cover multiple aspects of a shoot, based on your selected coverage.


What size budgets do you work with?

We can insure projects of any buget, big or small.  We can insure projects from features all the way down to shooting test footage for a day.


Can you insure just my equipment?

Yes.  If all you need is coverage for your gear, we can do it.  We can also cover you if you need to rent any camera , light, sound, or any additional equipment.


How do I  get a shooting permit?

It depends on where you are shooting.  Most municipalities will require a permit and insurance to shoot in public areas.  It is best to contact your local government office for more details.  You can also click here for more info.



I am only shooting for one day, can you cover me?

Yes.  We have short term policies that can cover only a day or annual policies that  cover up to twelve months.


Annual vs. Short Term?

An annual policy can cover multiple productions for up to twelve months.  A short term policy only covers one production for up to sixty days.


I am not familiar with  insurance terms.  What do some of them mean?

Many of the insurance terms definitions are listed here.  If you can't find one you are looking for give us a call or email and we will be happy to help you out.


What is third party property damage?

A policy that includes third party property damage provides legal liability coverage for damage or destruction of property belonging to others while the property is in the care, custody or control of the production company and is to be used in an insured production.   This includes loss of use of the property.  Coverage does not apply to damage caused by operation of  rented or leased motor vehicles, aircraft or watercraft that are covered under props, sets, or wardrobe, or to miscellaneous equipment insurance.  This coverage is not included under a Comprehensive General Liability Policy.


What is workers compensation?

A policy that includes workers compensation covers physical injury to a cast or crew. This may include W2 employees, 1099 freelancers & volunteers.


What is cast insurance?

Cast coverage usually is purchased on feature films or TV productions (except documentaries) but may be purchased for other types of production.  It indemnifies the production company for the net loss or extra expenses to begin or complete principal photography of an insured production, due to death, injury or illness of any insured artist or director.  Insured persons are initially covered for accident only, until they are examined and complete a medical questionnaire.  The insurer then will expand the coverage to include illness.  Coverage also can be extended to include kidnapping and bereavement.


What is General Liability?

General Liability covers payments the insured would become legally obligated to pay as a result of bodily injury or property damage arising out of an occurrence during filming activities, live events or performances.


What is the insurance deductible or retention? 

It is the amount you may be required to put down with an equipment rental house as “self-insurance.” In the case of a claim, this amount would be your responsibility.  Budgeting for this is recommended, as you can be responsible for paying this amount in case of a claim.




For additional terms of insurance, click here.